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Windows Glass Types in Canadian Weather

Living in Canada it is doesn’t matter what way your windows facing, whether it has South view or North view, East or West we all have to make sure our windows keep warm inside of our homes.

When you shop for new windows you need to pay attention to what type of glass is used. In Toronto our weather could be as warm as +35 degrees Celsius and as cold as -35 degrees Celsius. So what type of glass you want to have in your windows? Let look at this topic in more details.

Happy Windows and Doors working with Window-Pro and we have variety of selection of windows Glass. We would recommend you to look into following Window Glass types:

Window Glass Types

Window Glass Types

LoE-180 Glass – Passive Solar Control Glass

  • Keep home warmer by blocking heat loss to the outside and letting sun heat inside.
  • Highest energy saving all year long.

LoE-366 Glass – Ultimate Glass for All Climates

  • Ultimate performance glass that delivers the ideal balance of solar control.
  • When it is hot outside LoE-366 reject sun heat and blocks 95% of Sun’s damaging UV-rays.
  • Insulation of the window helps to keep surface of the room-side glass warm during cold weather which directly affects the air temperature inside.

LoE-i89 Glass – Enhanced Winter Performance Glass

  • Surface of the glass is smooth and scratch resistant which makes it easier to clean.
  • Rather than absorbing internal heat LoE-i89 Glass reflects in back into the room and makes the space warmer.


How to make window selection easier?

When you are looking for new windows there is so many choices from style to technical specifications that it could become overwhelming. Call us today so we can make it easier for you to choose the best windows for your home and it will be the matter of booking an appointment for new windows installation.

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