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12/26/2023 Better windows and doors

Every Summer has a time when we experience extreme heat warning in GTA, you would probably think – “finally”! Weather is melting hot outside and you are looking for cool temperature in your home to escape from it. But it would be very disappointing if your house does not keep cool temperature inside. Let see how Windows Replacement can help you to keep it cool.

One of the reasons could be your Windows losing it insulation features and letting hot air leak into your home. Another reason – your house has older type of Windows installed where manufacturers were not using energy saving technologies.

When you replacing windows in your house, you cannot possibly know all the technologies that window manufacturer use to make windows more energy efficient. In the Summer and Winter time energy efficient windows will keep your house climate. Happy Windows & Doors working with well-known windows manufacturers that is important when you looking to replace your windows.

Let’s look closer on how windows constructed. All windows will have:

  • Outside fusion-welded frame and sash for added strength and prevention of air infiltration
  • High number of internal air chambers to give the window more durability, greater thermal efficiency and outstanding insulation
  • 7/8” insulated thermal dual seal glass with super spacer for optimum efficiency.

Leading window manufacturers using Endur IG technologies in the windows units. What is inside an Endur IG Unit? Endur IG Units consist of two or three lites of glass separated by an inorganic metal spacer. In more details:

  1. Primary Seal: Polyisobutylene (PIB) minimizes moisture permeate on, is UV resistant and provides an outstanding argon barrier.
  2. Secondary Seal: Specially formulated silicone for IG units provides long-term adhesion, is unaffected by UV exposure and provides excellent durability when exposed to moisture. Silicone also provides structural integrity.
  3. Spacer: Stainless steel spacer features a roll form design to provide maximum area for primary and secondary sealant coverage. It provides increased resistance to condensation and less stress on IG seal system. No polymer content eliminates the risk of chemical fogging.
  4. Desiccants: Beaded molecular sieve provides initial frost points below -50 Degrees Celsius. Desiccant assures optimum moisture absorption while minimizing the effects of temperature-related pressure changes.

Windows replacement could be overwhelming. Call us today to make sure that you choose not only the design and style you want but also the best option technologically wise.